Tuesday, 27 June 2017

PJ and Movie Day!!


·      Tomorrow - Wednesday June 28th – Last Day of School – Sports Day and Report Cards Go Home
·      Students brought more work home :)

Power Words:

- about        - asked          - after           - would
- their         - where         - then            - were      

We started the day with drawing centres.

We did read to self and read to others.

In writing, we worked on our tooth stories.  We brought our writing books home today! Please share your story J

In word work, we practiced spelling more power words outside using sidewalk chalk again!

In art and science, we finished ‘My Summer Tree’ work in our visual journals.

We had Movie Day in the afternoon!  Please share what movie you watched!!

Ms. MacMillan will see you tomorrow J

Wednesday class leader is Xavier.  Please bring in something that will fit in our egg and think of two clues to share with the class. J
Have a wonderful summer!!

:) Ms. Collins

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