Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Tuesday with Team 72!


- Learning Commons books are due back tomorrow Wednesday June 7 th.

Power Words : have,  put,  where,  would,  an

Academic Words: habitat, conservation, Antarctic, global warming   
Book Exchange is Tuesday May 9

Power Words:

- about        - asked          - after           - would
- their         - where         - then            - were      

Today Team 72 read to selves and read to others.  We had a group perform reader’s theatre to the class.

We had math today. We practiced more subtraction and addition strategies.

In writing, we wrote about our day yesterday at the zoo.  We drew pictures of First, Next, Then and Last and wrote about the pictures.  We are practicing starting sentences in different ways.

Team 72 had gym today.  Please share what we did.

In science, we reviewed how penguins stay warm in icy cold water.  We looked at pictures of Rowan dressed in different layers as a penguin.  Rowan did a great job being a penguin yesterday!

Ms. MacMillan will see you tomorrow and Thursday.  Ms. Collins will see you Friday.

Wednesday class leader is Annie.  Please bring in something that will fit in our egg and think of two clues to share with the class. J
Have a wonderful evening!

:) Ms. Collins

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