Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Tuesday with Team 72!


-    Please bring back all Learning Commons books ASAP.
-    Home Reading is finished for the school year.  Please return all books ASAP.

Power Words :  went,  I’m,  about,  here,  want

Academic Words: habitat, conservation, Antarctic, global warming, insulation   
Book Exchange is Tuesday May 9

Power Words:

- about        - asked          - after           - would
- their         - where         - then            - were      

We read to ourselves and we read with a reading buddy.

In writing, we worked on our zoo stories.  When we thought we were finished we edited our writing.  Share two things you look for when editing your writing.

In word work, we played games with a partner to practice spelling and reading the power words on our word wall.

Team 72 had free choice writing today.  Please share what you wrote about.

In math, we worked on adding and subtracting math stories with a partner or by ourselves.  We took turns sharing our stories.  We did a great job!!

We had gym today.  Please share what you did today.

In science, we worked on our Penguin Palooza visual journal page.  We drew pictures, labeled and wrote about all the interesting things we learned about Penguins.

Ms. MacMillan will see you tomorrow and Thursday.  Ms. Collins will see you Friday.

Tuesday class leader is Teagan.  Please bring in something that will fit in our egg and think of two clues to share with the class. J
Have a wonderful evening!

:) Ms. Collins

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