Thursday, 8 December 2016

Tough Canadian Kids

Dear Children and Families,

Social Studies Homework: 

1.  Bring  Back  Blue!  Please work through the blue worksheet with your child.  Fill in the blanks for your family and return it to school by next Wednesday.  It is okay for you to do the writing, however, Your child must know what it says because they will be sharing with our class.   Please do not just fill it out for them!

2.  Please bring in photos of family, friends, sports teams, clubs (Groups) that I am part of.  We are using the photos to help us talk about people that help us meet our needs.  The photos will be returned to you.  Bring the photos to school by next Wednesday.  Thanks!

-Half day tomorrow
-Return Family Movie Night form
-Social Studies:  Please bring in photos and blue sheet by Dec 14.
-It’s COLD!!!!! Dress warm every day with snowpants, boots, jackets, hats and mitts!


We started new spelling centres today.

We read to self and read to someone.

During writing we jumped into a book!  We talked about making a connection to other things we’ve read, a connection to ourselves and a connection to the world to understand what the author is trying to tell us.

We listened to the story My Neighbourhood by Lisa Bullard.

In word work we played the Making Words game. We used the letters a e p p l y n to spell words.

In math we sorted, made patterns, counted, matched numbers and words, played war and put together a number puzzle during centres.  Then we used our journals to write about what we did and did not like during centre time.

We watched the Grade 3 Christmas Concert.  Ask me how Santa got his jingle back.

The temperature was ONLY -18 this afternoon so we got outside for a quick 10 minutes. We dressed properly and kept moving to stay warm.  That’s what Tough Canadian Kids do to stay healthy and happy in winter.  Great job Team 72!  Thank you for remembering all your warm clothes.  Keep it up.

During Social Studies we talked about our rights and responsibilities.  Do you have any responsibilities at home?

Tomorrow’s Class Leader: Retaj (remember to bring a picture or photo to share!)

See you tomorrow!

:)  Ms. MacMillan

403 777 6267

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