Thursday, 9 February 2017

Cooperating with the members of our Community

Dear Children and Families,

Great work cooperating with your community members today Team 72!

-HOME READING:  You can Jump Into the Book at home now!  Let’s use my Fortune Teller to talk about the books we read together.  Reading is about learning to say the words AND understanding what they mean.
-Half Day tomorrow. It’s Club Friday!
-NO TOYS at school unless you are the class leader bringing something to share.

Important Words:

POWER WORDS:            back one mother but how
These are words we are learning to read and spell.

ACADEMIC WORDS:       add plus all together   more than
community  needs  wants  rights responsibilities
These are words that we are learning to understand the meaning of in math and social studies.


We read to self, read to someone.

We read for 30 minutes.

We jumped into the book and wrote a reading response about the story So Much Snow by Robert Munsch. We used our fortune tellers to help us think of the important parts of the story.  Reading is about learning to say the words AND understanding what they mean.

In word work we talked about word word families.  We searched for word family words in our free choice books.

In math we tried to solve a tricky problem. I have 10 marbles in a bag, some yellow, some green.  There are 2 more yellow than green.  How many are yellow?

We cooperated and skipped together in gym.

During social studies we talked about our rights and responsibilities as members of the Cranston community. 

We used the Laptops today.  We practiced signing in, finding the Cranston School website, and mathletics.

Tomorrow’s Class Leader: Addisyn (remember to bring a stuffy to share!)

See you tomorrow!

:)  Ms. MacMillan
403 777 6267

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