Monday, 13 February 2017

Monday with Team 72!

Dear Children and Families,

Tomorrow Tuesday February 14th, on Valentines Day, Team 72 will have the opportunity to participate in a traditional Valentines Day exchange.  Students are welcome to bring a valentine for everyone in the classroom (22 in total).  Please only put on the Valentine who it is from, this saves time during the exchange and eliminates the need to bring home a class list J  Thank you!! 

·      Pay for swimming through My CBE Account.
·      Next class library book exchange is Tuesday February 21st.
·      Fun Lunch and Winter Sports Day is Wednesday February 15th  J
·      There is no school Thursday February 16th, Friday February 17th (Teacher’s Convention) and Monday February 20th (Family Day)


We did reading today.  We read with ourselves and read to someone else.

This week Power Words:  so,  before,  too,   two

We had gym and music today.  Please share what you did today.

Ms. Collins read to us the book, ‘the Little Tree’ by Durga Yael Bernhard. 

In Math, we solved a problem with a partner.  We tried to find out the number of school days being given two hints.  We also practiced our describing of numbers.

In Science, we continued to plan our fort building.

Reading Minutes Today: 30 minutes

Ms. Collins will see you tomorrow J  Ms. MacMillan will see you next Wednesday. J

Tuesday class leader is Brooke.  Remember to bring a stuffie to share with the class. 

:) Ms. Collins

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