Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Searching for true facts about Trees

Dear Children and Families,

-Return Swimming Permission Forms
-Tree Homework due back next Wednesday (gray paper in my backpack)
-Home Reading

Important Words:

POWER WORDS:            practice any 5 you like!
These are words we are learning to read and spell.

ACADEMIC WORDS:       Arctic   Inukshuk
                          Research   Tree 
These are words that we are learning to understand the meaning of in math and social studies.


We read to self and read to someone.  We had to ask our reading partner to SUMMARIZE, tell what was important about the book they read.

We read for 30 minutes.

We are learning why writers have to research a topic before they start writing.  Today we searched for facts about trees.  Please take a photo of a tree in your backyard or near your house.  Use the gray paper that came home today to write about your tree.  Email or bring in your tree photo and gray paper to share with the class by next Wednesday. 

In math we played a game called I Have.  We had to match cards showing numbers, words and place value blocks.  Then we wrote what we learned in our math journals.

Ask me what I did during music and gym.

During Social Studies we looked at special symbols of Alberta and Nunavut, the Flag!

Tomorrow’s Class Leader: Declan (remember to bring a stuffy to share).

See you tomorrow!

Ms. MacMillan

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