Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Outside Writing, Dance, Adding!

Dear Children and Families,

Next Wednesday April 19th the classes at Cranston School will be performing their dance from their dance residency program in gym.  Team 72 will be performing their dance from 1:20 – 1:50 in the gym.  Parents are welcome to come and watch!


·      Next Book Exchange is Tuesday April 18.
·      Arbor Day – Thursday May 4th
·      Scholastic due back April 24
·      Family Fun Rainbow Bowling - first come first serve
·      There is no school Friday April 14 and Monday April 17 (PD Day)

In Reading, we did Read to Self and Read to Someone today.

In Math, we practiced our adding skills with math games, along with Mrs. Brace.

In Art, we read “Picture a Tree” by Barbara Reid and watched a video of her doing her plasticine art.

We had gym today.  Please share with your parents what you did.

In writing, we went outside with our visual journals and wrote down ideas about, “If I were a tree”….what would I see, feel, hear, taste and smell.  Please share some of your ideas.

Ms. MacMillan will see you Wednesday and Thursday.  There is no school Friday and Monday. Ms. Collins will see you Tuesday. J

Wednesday class leader is Rowan.  Please bring in something that is special to you and, of course, can fit in your backpacks. J

Have a wonderful evening!

:) Ms. Collins

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