Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Bucket Filler, Sink or Float?, Learning Commons


-    Telus Spark Field trip forms are due tomorrow May 17.  
-    Students brought home books from the learning commons today.  Monday May 29 will be the next and last day of book exchange for the school year.
-    Scholastic Book Orders went home today.  They are due back Friday May 26.
-    Fun Lunch tomorrow Wednesday May 17.
-    No school Friday May 19 and Monday May 22.
-    Telus Spark Field Trip is Tuesday May 23.

Power Words:   how,  look,  your,  would,  this

Academic Words:  buoyancy,  density,  displacement,  subtract,  skip counting

Power Words:

- about        - asked          - after           - would
- their         - where         - then            - were      


Team 72 had reading today.  We need read to self and read to someone.

In Math, we did math centres.  We were practicing our subtracting, adding, and place value skills.

Team 72 went to the Learning Commons for Book Exchange.

Team 72 had Drum Fit today in gym.  Please share what you didJ

In Science, we watched the video – Bill Nye the Science Guy on Floating and Sinking.  We then tested some objects students brought in to see if they floated or sank.  Please share an object you were surprised by the results.  Do you know material the object was made out of?

Homework:  Team 72 started our “Bucket Filler” jar today.  Comment what you are going to do to fill the classroom bucket?

Mr. S will be the guest teacher tomorrow.  Ms. MacMillan will see you Thursday.  J

Wednesday class leader is Rowan.  Please bring in something that will fit in our egg and think of two clues to share with the class. J

Have a wonderful evening!

:) Ms. Collins


  1. Annie says I'm going to respect other people and listen when we need to.

  2. Kaitlyn is going to listen to directions and raise her hand when she wants to say something.

  3. I'm going to raise my hands to ask the teacher for something. And no shouting in the class and talking when teacher is talking. (Retaj)