Monday, 15 May 2017

Monday with Team 72!


-    Telus Spark Field trip forms are due Wednesday May 17.  
-    Book Exchange is tomorrow Tuesday May 16.
-    No school Friday May 19 and Monday May 22.
-    Telus Spark Field Trip is Tuesday May 23.

Power Words:   how,  look,  your,  would,  this

Academic Words:  buoyancy,  density,  displacement,  subtract,  skip counting

Power Words:

- about        - asked          - after           - would
- their         - where         - then            - were      


Team 72 had reading today.  We need read to self and read to someone.

We had our special guest, Mrs. Jessica here today.  We learned about ways we can be a Bucket Filler.  We wrote 5 ways about how we can fill the classes bucket.

In word work, we practiced spelling our power words by playing games with a partner.

In Math, we practiced skip counting and we learned a new game called ‘Heads or Tails’ that practices skip counting forwards and backwards by 10’s starting at different numbers.

Team 72 started Drum Fit today in gym.  Mrs. McBride and Mrs. Quilley are teaching the class.  Please share what you did today.

In writing, we finished our Bucket Filler activity.

Homework:  Please comment how you are going to fill Team 72’s bucket.

Ms. Collins will see you tomorrow.  Ms. MacMillan will see you Wednesday and Thursday.  J

Tuesday class leader is Eduard.  Please bring in something that will fit in our egg and think of two clues to share with the class. J

Have a wonderful evening!

:) Ms. Collins


  1. Kaitlyn is going to fill the bucket by raising her hand when she wants to say something and by listening to others.

  2. Grayden says he won't tattle and he'll raise his hand when he wants to say something.