Thursday, 4 May 2017

Team 72 Shows They Care About Trees

Dear Children and Families,

Arbor Day Celebration
Team 72 is very excited to be one of the classes presenting at the Arbor Day Celebration Tonight! We will be presenting our assembly for you at 6:05 pm in the evening.  After our presentation you will be welcomed to our room to see more of our learning about trees, and then you are free to walk around the school to see what the other students have learned too.

Save the Dates
Arbor Day Celebration tonight – return to school 5:50pm
Science Centre Field Trip May 23rd
Trout Release May 26th
Zoo Field Trip June 5th

-Home Reading
-Half Day tomorrow

Important Words:

POWER WORDS:           after, their, about
                            where, then
These are words we are still learning to read and spell.

ACADEMIC WORDS:         ipad  photo   edit  crop  
These are words that we are learning to understand the
meaning of.


In math we played a great game called Bump!  Ask me what this game can help me learn.

This afternoon we did an excellent job performing for our Arbor Day Assembly.  It was really exciting to see our new tree planted.  See you at 5:50pm to share our assembly and class work with you.

See you tonight!  Ms Collins will be in the classroom with you tomorrow for half day Friday. 

:)  Ms. MacMillan

403 777 6267

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