Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wednesday with Team 72

Dear Children and Families,

POWER WORDS: Can you spell and read the words we have learned so far?
-Jacket Racket donations accepted until Nov 4th.
-FundScrip fundraiser due back Nov 14th.


In reading we talked about reading strategies.  Reread a book you know, do a picture walk and look at the pictures, search for POWER words you can read.  We read to someone and read to self.

We listened to a book called How to Lose All Your Friends by Nancy Carlson.

In writing we are retelling a story we know.  We wrote what happened First, Next, Then and Last.  We wrote about a Bear who was sick.  Ask me to retell you the story.

In word work we learned a new game called Making Words.  This game will help us look for patterns in words so we can spell more words correctly.

In math we solved a pattern problem and then had to work to create our own pattern problem.

Ask me what I did during music and phys ed.

Tomorrow’s Class Leader:  Eduard (remember to bring a book to share)

See you tomorrow!  J

Ms. MacMillan

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