Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Wednesday with Team 72

Dear Children and Families,

Help us bring some Christmas joy to our city’s homeless

The Fill a Sock, Fill a Need campaign provides a Christmas “stocking” of essential needs and small personal items to those in need.

We are asking each student to donate $5 (or more J) to help fill socks to be donated to the Drop In Centre.  If possible, we would also ask students to donate a pair of new, warm, adult sized socks.

We strongly encourage students to earn their donation money by doing chores around the house - shoveling snow, taking out the garbage…etc.

We will be collecting money from students between
November 21st and December 1st

POWER WORDS:       who, them, do, some, your.
-Practice Xmas Concert Songs please!
-Xmas Concert next Tuesday.  Afternoon and Evening performances.
-Community Walk for tomorrow is cancelled because we don’t have enough volunteers.  We would like to go next Wednesday afternoon, please email Ms MacMillan if you are able to come with us.


We had a fire drill today to practice being safe.

We are learning to read.  We practiced reading to self and reading to someone.

In writing we talked about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.  Ask me what I know. 

In word work we used the letters  i i n g s h f  to make words. 

In math we talked about difference ways to count.  The we played “Counting On and Counting Back”  and “Zap”. Ask me to tell you about these games. 

Ask me what I did during music and phys ed.

We listened to a story called How Big is the World? by Britta Teckentrup.

We started our Social Studies lessons today.  Ask me what speical objects I looked at today.  We will be learning about families and communities across Canada this year.

Tomorrow’s Class Leader: Anthony (remember to bring a picture to share.  A photograph or a picture you have drawn yourself)

See you tomorrow!  J

Ms. MacMillan

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