Monday, 9 January 2017

Mad Science with Team 72!


-    Swimming Ability forms are due back January 16th.
-    Learning Commons book exchange was today J Students brought home books if they brought back their books.  Please return over due books from home ASAP. Thank you J  Next book exchange will be Monday January 23rd.


We started our day being structural engineers with Mad Science! We built a lego tower with a partner. Share with your parents what problems did you face while building?  How did you solve them?  What made the tower strong?  

We had book exchange today at the Learning Commons.  Students brought home two books.

We read the book, “The Sneetches” and other stories by Dr.Suess and we solved a math word problem based on the story.  Tell your parents 3 ways to make 20.

This week Power Words:  away,  make,  no,  up,  like.   

We had gym and music today. Please share what you did today.

Homework: We have had 71 school days so far.  How many 10’s and how many 1’s makes 71?

Ms. Collins will see you tomorrow. J Ms. MacMillan will see you Wednesday and Thursday. Ms. Collins will see you Friday

Tuesday class leader is Parker. 

:) Ms. Collins

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