Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Tuesday with Team 72!


-    Swimming Ability forms are due back January 16th.


We did reading today.  We read to ourselves and read to someone else.

We worked really hard in word work today.  We tried making our sentences more interesting by adding the word ‘because’ into our sentences.

This week Power Words:  away,  make,  no,  up,  like.   

We had gym today.  Please share what gymnastics skills you were practicing today.

In Math we worked on place value mats and showed how many a number is by using ten rods and ones.  How many tens and how many ones would you need to make 16? What about 52?

In science we completed all of our animal den/burrow presentations and answered questions about our tower building yesterday.

Look at us building!

Ms. MacMillan will see you tomorrow and Thursday. J  Ms. Collins will see you Friday J

Wednesday class leader is Brooke. 
:) Ms. Collins

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  1. Kaitlyn says you need one 10 and six 1s to make 16 and five 10s and two 1s to make 52.