Thursday, 19 January 2017

readers, writers, mathematicians and cartographers

Dear Children and Families,

Volunteers Needed:  Can you help us by accompanying us for swimming lessons?  We need 3 volunteers every morning from 8:15am-11:00am from Monday March 13th to Thursday March 16th.  Please email or  Thanks for your help!

-Power Word list coming home today
-Cookie Dough Fundraiser coming home today
-Please return Scholastic book order
HOME READING:  We are learning to make a connection to what we are reading to help us understand.  Ask me to make a connection to what I read for home reading today.
-It’s not as cold but very wet!!  Please dress in clothes that can keep me warm and DRY!

Important Words:

POWER WORDS:               day,  little,  after,  out,  now  
These are words we are learning to read and spell.

ACADEMIC WORDS:            data, tally, survey                                     community, tradition, celebration, value
These are words that we are learning to understand the meaning of in math and social studies.


We started our day with spelling centres.

We read to self, read to someone and listened to reading.

We wrote about our connections and questions for the book Sadie and the Snowman.

In word work we talked about vowel letters and the bossy e.

In math we read graphs and worked on a really challenging hamburger café pictograph. 

Ask me about Mission Impossible in gym.

In social studies we continued our work as Cartographers and finished the map of our school.

Tomorrow’s Class Leader: Caroline (remember to bring a picture or photo to share!)
Mrs Collins is with the students tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday.  See you all on Wednesday!

:)  Ms. MacMillan

403 777 6267

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