Thursday, 5 January 2017

Thursday with Team 72

Dear Children and Families,


HOME READING:  All students need to be reading for 15 minutes every night.  You could listen to someone read, read a home reading book, read using Raz-Kids, read our POWER words, read a favourite book you have at home.
-Half day tomorrow.
-Return Mad Science permission form by Friday
-Return Swimming Level form by Friday
-It’s still cold! Dress warm every day with snowpants, boots, jackets, hats and mitts!

Important Words:

POWER WORDS:              her, him, very, I’m, play
These are words we are learning to read and spell.

ACADEMIC WORDS:            data, tally, survey                                     community, tradition, celebration, value
These are words that we are learning to understand the meaning of in math and social studies.


We started our day with spelling centres.

We read to self and read to someone.

We listened to the books The Weber Streeet Wonder Work Crew by Maxwell Newhouse and Zoom by Istvan Banyai.

We jumped into a book!  We talked about summarizing and shrinking down what we have read into only the important details.

In word work we played the Making Words game. We used the letters n k g t h n i i to spell words.

In math we practiced counting with tally marks and learned how to show our data using bar graphs. 

Ask me about what we did in gym.

In social studies we reviewed our important words and talked about how those words connect to our school community.

Tomorrow’s Class Leader: Annie (remember to bring a picture or photo to share!)

Blog Question:  Do you know what any of our academic words mean?

:)  Ms. MacMillan

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