Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Very Windy Running Day!

-    Rm.72 is skating on Friday September 30 from 8:25-9:20.  Students need to bring their own helmet, and they are to wear socks and comfortable clothing.
-    Terry Fox Run is Thursday September 29th  from 1:30 – 2:30. Students can bring a Toonie for Terry any day this week.  Cranston’s goal is to raise $1000.00J
-    We will be having gym outside everyday this week if the weather permits. Please have appropriate outdoor running shoes to wear for running activities.  
-    Team 72 will be going to the library to get new books next Monday October 3.  Students can bring back their books any day this week.


We Read to Self and Read with Someone while Ms. Collins did guided reading.

We practiced our Power Words on our small white boards with a partner. 

In writing, we wrote about something we really like.

We had gym outside today.  We did more running and it was very windy!

In Math, we solved a Terry Fox math problem and we used our counterpillars! We also looked at a BIG 100 chart and looked for number patterns and anything interestingJ

In Art, we worked our Peace Place Mats.

In Science, we went outside and took a picture beside our favorite fall tree.   

Power Words:   they,  on,   had,   was,   at

Have a wonderful evening!  Ms. MacMillan will see you tomorrow and Thursday!

Wednesday Class Leader is Anthony!

:) Ms. Collins

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