Monday, 17 October 2016

Book Exchange, Power Words, Science Centers


-    Today Team 72 went to the learning commons to exchange books.  For those students who still have library books at home, please bring them back tomorrow and they will get a chance to get new booksJ
-    Scholastic books were due today.  Orders will be excepted tomorrow as well.
-    Fun Lunch is Wednesday October 19.
-    For Class Leader Show and Tell you must now bring a book you would recommend to your friends.  What is your favourite story?
-    Halloween Howler forms and money due Monday October 24th.


We read to ourselves and we read with a buddy or a book buddy while Ms. Collins did guided reading. Team 72 offers many ways to practice your reading at home; home reading, Raz Kids, and library book exchange. What is your favorite way to practice your reading? 

Our Power Words for the week are: if,  am,  will,  all,  come.  Team 72 is learning that we use power words everyday in our writing and reading.  It is very important to practice reading and spelling them properly.

Team 72 went to the Learning Commons to exchange our books.

In Math, we learned how to skip count by 10’s starting at different numbers.  Skip count by 10’s starting from 4? How high can you go?

In science, we had our last day with the Alberta Grassland crate.  We will continue learning about the grasslands and how the animals will start getting ready for winter.

We had gym and music.  Please ask me what we did today!

Power Words:   if,    am,    will,    all,    come   

Have a wonderful evening!!  Ms. Collins will see you tomorrow!

Tuesday Class Leader is Sam! (We will do Liam’s compliments tomorrow – Sorry ran our of time today!)

:) Ms. Collins

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  1. Kaitlyn loves to read using Raz-Kids. She likes to collect the stars.