Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Team 72 really worked hard in Math today!!

-    Students who brought books back today were able to get new library books.  Next Learning Commons book exchange is Monday October 31.  Please bring books back before the next book exchangeJ
-    Fun Lunch is tomorrow Wednesday October 19.
-    For Class Leader Show and Tell you must now bring a book you would recommend to your friends.  What is your favourite story?
-    Halloween Howler forms and money due Monday October 24th.
-    Picture order forms went home today.  They are due back Wednesday October 26th.
-    Please bring in a picture of your family pet or house plant for next Monday October 24th.  Students will be sketching them and writing about them. Thank you!


We read to ourselves and we read with a buddy or a book buddy while Ms. Collins did guided reading.

In writing we talked about how we take care of our pets or how we take care of our plants at home and we wrote down all of our ideas.  Please bring in a picture of your pet or house plant for next Monday October 24th.

We practiced reading and spelling our power words from our word wall with a partner today.

In Math, we worked really hard to show what we know about numbers to our teacherJ

In science, we went over our centre work together and then drew a picture of what grassland plants would look like if they are getting everything they need.

We had gym today.  We played some cooperative games with our classmates.

Power Words:   if,    am,    will,    all,    come   

Have a wonderful evening!!  Ms. MacMillan will see you Wednesday and Thursday!! I will see you Friday and next Monday and TuesdayJ

Wednesday Class Leader is Wesley!

:) Ms. Collins