Thursday, 27 October 2016

Great Writers Share their Work

Dear Children and Families

POWER WORDS:  have,   my,    our,    see,    what
-Halloween Howler tickets coming home today
-First Club Friday activity tomorrow.
-Half day tomorrow.


In reading we read to someone (a partner or a book buddy), then read to self.  We got new poems for our poetry book.  Ask me what happened to Humpty Dumpty.

During writing we are learning to retell a story.  We listened to some songs by Natasha Platt.  Do you know any songs that tell a story?

During word work we practiced sounding out and spelling our power words.

During math we played NOT a pattern.  We wrote in our math journal as well.  Good mathematicians can talk, draw and write about their thinking.

In soccer we practiced passing, aiming and were greedy pirates in phys ed.

We shared the books we wrote with our buddies in Mrs Patton’s class.

Tomorrow’s Class Leader: Hannah (remember to bring a book to share!)

See you tomorrow!

Ms. MacMillan

403 777 6267

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