Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Patterns Everywhere!

Dear Children and Families,

POWER WORDS:    that,  for,  or,  as, his 
-Please return blue club form
-Scholastic Book order due next Monday
-Remember to read your home reading book or use Raz-Kids tonight.  Good readers practice every day!

In-line skating is Awesome!  Thank you so much to Mr Carr, Mrs Cunnings, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Engel for helping us get our gear on and off.

In reading we read to someone (a partner or a book buddy), then read to self.  Reading practice is an important part of our daily routine.  Students read books at their “just right” level to practice the words they know in order to develop their fluency (reading that sounds as natural as talking) and comprehension (understanding what they are reading).

We listened to 3 books about Patterns.  People Pattern and Plant Patterns and Animal Patterns by Nathan Olsen.

In writing we continued our work telling stories about ourselves.  We worked hard to be On Target. Ask me how I did!

In math we are learning about patterns.  We will be working together to describe, copy, extend, create patterns in many ways.  Look at your clothes and wear something to school tomorrow that has a pattern.  

Ask me what I did during music.

In word work we continued our work breaking down words and listening for their sounds. This is a strategy we use to help us read and write.

Tomorrow’s Class Leader:  Declan

See you tomorrow!  J

Ms. MacMillan

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