Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Sweet Smiles for Picture Day

Dear Children and Families,

POWER WORDS:    went,  from,  of,  to,   be
-Dress for the weather, phys ed outside tomorrow.


In reading we read to someone (a partner or a book buddy), then read to self. 

We listened to a book with Mother Goose Rhymes.  Do you know any Mother Goose Rhymes?

In writing we are writing about anything we are excited about.  Good writers write about what interests them.  We used a target to check our own work today.  Ask me how I did!

In math we solved a problem called Peas for Dinner. 
“I had 13 peas on my plate. Some were green and some were yellow.  How many different ways can you show 13?”   Ask me what I wrote on the plates in my journal.

Ask me what I did during music.

During Phys Ed we practiced Yoga in the gym.

In health we talked about what makes us feel like we are in the Green Zone.  When we are in the Green Zone we are feeling okay, happy, calm, focused and ready to learn.

Tomorrow’s Class Leader:  Kaitlyn

See you tomorrow!

Ms. MacMillan

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  1. Kaitlyn says her writing was good. It was in the middle of the target. The best part of music today was the spooky Halloween music.
    Kaitlyn wrote addition equations in her journal 9+4 and 7+6 were a few that she remembered.