Monday, 24 October 2016

Pumpkins, Earth Rangers, Math Games

Dear Children and Families;

On Monday, October 31st, we are going to be doing a pumpkin investigation with our buddies in room 72.  We will be looking for around 10 to 12 pumpkins of different shapes and sizes all together.  If you would be willing to donate one for our classes to work on, or if you would like to help out with the activities, please email me at <clcollins>.  We would like to have all of the pumpkins collected by the end of next Friday, October 28th.


-    Team 72 learning commons book exchange is Monday October 31.
-    Book Fair viewing with Team 72 will be on Tuesday October 25. Students can bring money.
-    Math Night is Wednesday October 26th – Book Fair will be in the Learning Commons.
-    For Class Leader Show and Tell you must now bring a book you would recommend to your friends.  What is your favourite story?
-    Parent Council is accepting Halloween Howler forms and money tomorrow Tuesday October 25th – Final Day.
-    Picture order forms due back Wednesday October 26th.
-    Thank you to the students who brought in a picture of their pet or house plant.  Students can bring in a picture for tomorrow Tuesday October 25th.  Students will be sketching them and writing about them. Thank you!
-    Students are able to bring their Halloween costume for Monday October 31st. – students can wear costumes for the afternoon.  Students can bring in a fun snack for themselves for the afternoon.  Snacks for the whole class are not required. Thank you!


We read to ourselves or with a buddy while Ms. Collins did guided reading.

We had an assembly this morning!  The Earth Rangers came to our school.  Please share with your parents one animal you saw todayJ

In Math, we learned a new math game that practices our adding facts to 18.  Students will share this game to you on Math night.

Students had music and gym.  Please share with your parents what you did.

We finished the day looking at different non-fiction books about different Alberta Grassland Animals.  Please share what animal you are interested in learning about how they are getting ready for winter.  The animals are; Swift Fox, Long Tail Weasel, Prairie Dogs, Badgers, Richardson Ground Squirrel, Prairie Rattlesnake.

Power Words:  have,   my,    our,    see,    what       

Have a wonderful evening! Ms. Collins will see you tomorrow and Ms.  MacMillan will see you for the rest of the weekJ

Tuesday Class Leader is Brooke!

:) Ms. Collins

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  1. Kaitlyn would like to learn about the Long Tail Weasel and how it prepares for winter.