Thursday, 13 October 2016

Patterns I can see, hear and wear...

Dear Children and Families,

POWER WORDS:  that,  for,  or,  as, his 
-Blue club forms due tomorrow.
-Scholastic Book order due next Monday
-Remember to read your home reading book or use Raz-Kids tonight.  Good readers practice every day!
-Half day tomorrow
-For Class Leader Show and Tell you must now bring a book you would recommend to your friends.  What is your favourite story?


In reading we read to someone (a partner or a book buddy), then read to self.  Reading practice is an important part of our daily routine.  Students read books at their “just right” level to practice the words they know in order to develop their fluency (reading that sounds as natural as talking) and comprehension (understanding what they are reading).

We listened to a story called When I Feel Good about Myself by Cornelia Maude Spelman. 

Good writers write and draw every day.  Today we tried to add details to our writing by answering the questions: Who?  Where? and What happened?  Tomorrow we will also write about When?

During word work we practiced hearing the sounds in Power Words.  Good spellers need to break apart words into sounds.

During math we looked for patterns in our school and listened for patterns in our classroom. We used Ipads and Musical Instruments.

During Phys Ed we used the playground like an obstacle course.  Ask me how I used my arm muscles for climbing.

Who is an adult that you trust?  We talked about adults that can help us when we are feeling angry, sad or angry in health today.

Tomorrow’s Class Leader:  Grayden  (remember to bring a book!)

See you tomorrow 
Ms. MacMillan

403 777 6267

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